CryoProbe Treatment Tips – How to Use the CryoProbe

We recommend printing this page and keeping it next to your CryoProbe for easy reference.

  • Once you load a cartridge and puncture it, wait one minute before using it for pressure to build up for optimal flow of nitrous oxide
  • Hold downward and at an angle
  • Start an inch away from the lesion and then move the CryoProbe closer to within 1 mm of the lesion
  • Move in a circular motion covering the whole surface area of the lesion all along knocking off any ice crystal buildup with the tip of the applicator. Do not stop treatment to remove ice crystals, but knock them off with the applicator as you continue to treat the lesion. 
    ***If you do not do this, then you will not penetrate the skin and you will not get the best results***
  • General rule is 5 seconds of spray for every 1mm of lesion depth
  • Use a freeze thaw freeze method (example: 2 mm deep lesion: 10-15 second freeze, let thaw to normal pigmentation (about 30-40 seconds), and repeat 10-15 second freeze)
  • In 7-10 days the lesion will die and fall off naturally


Here’s a video on how to load the device correctly with the nitrous oxide cartridges: