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How to Effectively Market Your Med Spa Business on Facebook

Facebook is HUGE. In fact, that’s an understatement. As of September 2016, 1.18 billion people log into Facebook daily, which says a lot about the popularity of the site. What does this number mean to your med spa?
It means a good number of your existing customers and potential customers are on Facebook, making it a marketing channel you cannot ignore. However, social media is inherently personal, making it a balancing act when it comes to engaging with audiences.

In this post, we show you the right things to do to get your social media marketing headed in the right direction.
1. Set up a Solid Foundation
Whether you have a Facebook page up or not, we must first go back to the basics to determine whether you have these down right. Here are some things to check:

  • Did you set up a Facebook business page or a Facebook personal profile? These differ greatly so you need a business profile to market your business effectively. Here’s a great comparison between a Facebook profile and a Facebook business page.
  • Have you filled out your page entirely? Facebook pages have different sections including the About, Contacts, Website and Services sections. Make sure to fill all these out in as much detail as possible. Don’t assume visitors will find more information on your website. Today buyers are going through the entire consideration process on social media without ever visiting the main website.
  • What kind of images have you put on your page? Your page profile photo and cover photo are the storefront of your Facebook page. Have some high-quality images developed by a professional so your page stands out from the rest.


Now that you’ve set up a strong foundation for your Facebook marketing, move on to the next steps.
2. Delegate Facebook Marketing Tasks
This is perhaps the biggest challenge med spa owners face. Who’s in charge of Facebook marketing? Is it the owner, the office admin, the nurse technician? Who? Before you start posting, have a discussion with your staff and put one person in charge. You could also choose to outsource to a freelance marketer. The point to note here is that if no one is in charge, your Facebook marketing isn’t going to be consistent when consistency is key.
3. Develop a Persona for Your Page
Part of Facebook marketing is interacting with people on Facebook. Posting comments, replies and even messages on Facebook messenger require a consistent voice and persona. Is your brand professional and sober? Is it friendly and informative? Is it fun and hip? Picking a persona that fits your med spa brand will help people identify with you and accept you as a brand they can learn to love.
4. Develop 3 Months (or More) of Content
It’s harmful to experiment with content in a live environment. To avoid getting into trouble with the masses because of a poorly picked post, develop 3 months’ worth of content, preferably more, in advance. Fine tune it so that each post represents your brand well and steers away from offensive material. Pose the following questions as you develop the content:

  • Are these posts relevant to the people I want to reach?
  • Are they informative and helpful?
  • Are they share-worthy?
  • Will they still be relevant 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years from now?
  • Do they help market my med spa business by driving awareness and traffic to my website?
  • Are they helping my business increase its following on Facebook?

By asking these and similar questions, you won’t just be creating content for the sake of it. You’ll be creating strategic content optimized for conversion.
Pro Tip: For the greatest impact, include multimedia posts and third-party links with beautiful images and video as these have been shown to attract the greatest interest among Facebook users.
5. Mix Organic with Paid
There’s nothing like a free lunch so even on Facebook, you must be willing to spend a little to boost your marketing efforts. In this case, we’re referring to boosting your organic posts. Every now and then, once you see some interest in a post you’ve published, boost it for a few dollars to have it shown to a greater number of people.
This is great because unlike traditional ads, boosted posts are more organic and tend to get more comments and likes.
Facebook marketing is a powerful marketing tool that can yield amazing results for your brand. The key to success, however, is consistency. If you lack consistency, not only will the Facebook algorithm punish you by demoting your posts but your audience will also stop paying attention to you and move on to the brands that are engaging them (your competition).
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