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Why isn’t your med spa listed on Google My Business?

We’ve all been there; your friend recommends a great place and, when you Google it, the location doesn’t appear on the first page.

Instead, you have to click on their website, scroll through the entire page, find the location tab, then copy and paste the address to maps.


It’s frustrating.

You spent all that time and effort for customers to recommend you, so why make it so difficult for them to find you?

Now imagine when someone Googles your business, your location, address, phone number, hours, services, and reviews automatically populates on the first page of Google. And the best part, you can do all of this for free.

Introducing Google My Business (aka Google Places): a free service to add your business to Google Maps making it remarkably convenient for customers to find you. It also adds a nice half-page box with all of your info to the right-hand side of the search results.

MD Spa Shop Google My Business

If you own a med spa, dermatology office, or any other local business and you’re not listed with Google My Business, you’re seriously missing out. Your competition is almost certainly there.

Don’t believe me?

Google “med spa {your city}” and check the results. Are you on that map? If not, read on and take action.

I’m going to show you how we got MD Spa Shop on Google My Business and how you can do it too in less than 5 minutes.

Steps to become a member of Google My Business


  1. First, register for a Google Business account by using the Google link below:
  2. Next, you will be prompted to verify your listing by mail.
  3. Once verified, you will receive a PIN from Google that allows you to claim the qualified listing.


After this process is complete, your business will be accepted and you’ll be live on Google!

From here, you can manage your business presence by adding images, videos, and content to tell your customers more about your business. All you have left to do is to sit back and enjoy all the customers lining up at your door.
Here’s a short video overview demonstrating how to get listed on Google Places:


In addition, you can go through the following steps. They aren’t always necessary, but can’t hurt:

  1. Open Google Maps and make sure you’re signed in.
  2. Zoom in to the map where you want to add your business.
  3. In the bottom right, click Report a problem.
  4. Click Add a missing place.
  5. Drag the marker where your business is, and add any relevant information.
  6. Click Submit.


Protip: if you’re already listed with Google My Business and you’re still not showing up on the map for relevant keywords, try these two optimization hacks:

  • Make sure you have your full address in your profile and make sure it’s public!
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews. Google likes to show visitors what they think they want to see. If you have plenty of reviews, you will seem more relevant.


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