Microderm Facial Treatment Protocol

These protocols were developed to help practitioners give their clients an effective, professional NewApeel® MicroExfoliation treatment.




Schedule a consultation to address client history and client expectations before beginning a series. Always remember to educate your clients that a series of 6-12 MicroExfoliation procedures is generally required before they will experience significant improvement, although they may notice some improvement after their first treatment.


Drape clients hair and clothing


Apply a small amount of cleansing liquid to skin with fingertips. Massage in upward, circular pattern. Work into lather. Rinse thoroughly with pre-moistened warm towel or tepid 4×4 gauze pads. Hint: There is no need to wait for the skin to dry before beginning treatment.

Start the first NewApeel® particle-free microexfoliation treatment with the vacuum adjustment at a lower setting: 5 to 10 in-hg.

Begin first treatment with the fine DiamomdTome™ wand (micron size 75).

Perform a test site on the under side of the patient’s arm before proceeding.

Key ingredient of the treatment protocol is selecting the appropriate DiamondTome™ wand size, number of passes, and vacuum setting.

Keep skin taut and wand at a 90 degree angle where applying treatment.


Divide the face into 5 Zones


Zone 1: The Forehead (Below the hairline and above the eyebrows)
Begin the first treatment conservatively and observe the effect by sight. With the fine wand and vacuum setting at 5-10hg, start by going from the brows to hairline vertically. Go over area repeatedly to achieve desired depth of exfoliation. Repeat the pattern horizontally. (For more exfoliation change to the medium wand. When changing wands, reduce vacuum setting, and then gradually increase vacuum flow as comfort allows.)

Zone 2: The Delicate Eye Area (Treat this area last.)
Do this area last. Use the fine wand without vacuum for comfort and safety. Take additional steps to keep the skin taut and avoid areas inside the orbital opening.


Zone 3: The Mid-face (Nose, Cheeks to Upper Lip)
Begin on the side of the face with vertical passes and cross with horizontal passes. Go over areas repeatedly to achieve desired depth of exfoliation. (For deeper exfoliation change from the fine to medium wand.) Move down on the nose following the contours and around the creases on the side of the mouth.

Work the Upper Lip area moving horizontally from the corner of the mouth over to encompass the smile lines, making sure the skin is kept taut. To treat vertical rhytids (wrinkles) use vertical passes in conjunction with horizontal passes. For clients prone to cold sore outbreaks on their lips, avoid the vermilion border.

Zone 4: Lower Lip to Lower Jaw (Mandible)

Work the Lower Lip & Lower Jaw areas with vertical and horizontal passes.

Zone 5: Neck and Décolleté

Use the fine or medium wand with reduced vacuum settings when working on the neck to avoid streaking. Most clients require only one or two downward and horizontal passes on the neck area, unless you are blending non-lasered skin. If horizontal passes are necessary, perform them from center outward. Always make sure the skin is held taut. The Décolleté will require vertical and horizontal passes using the fine or medium wand with lower vacuum setting just like the neck.


Final Steps


• After fully exfoliating the face, neck, etc. return to areas that require more attention: hyperpigmentation, fine lines or scars.
• Rinse face with soothing cleanser and cool compresses.
• Apply appropriate calming mask and place cool compress over mask. Leave on 5-10 min.
• Remove product with cool towel.
• Apply moisturizer and sun block.
• Skin conditions and timelines

1. Use basic treatment protocol for the following skin conditions:
• Fine lines
• Dry Skin
• Sun Damaged Skin
• Seborrhea

2. Treatment should go in the following order for a total of 6 treatments:
• Do the first 3 treatments in 14 day intervals.
• Do the next 3 treatments in 21 day intervals.
• Do maintenance treatments once a month to six weeks.
3. Use individualized treatments for the following skin conditions:
• Acne Scars
• Chloasma/Melasma
• Post Surgical Scars

4. Treatment should go in the following order:
• Do the first 6 treatments in 7 to 10 day intervals.
• Wait 1 month.
• Do the next 6 treatments in 14 to 21 day intervals.
• Do maintenance treatments once a month.

Clients need to comply with a maintenance program to achieve full results.