NeoGen PSR

NeoGen PSR

Deep Tissue Healing

Plasma skin regeneration treats the whole skin architecture utilizing versatile and precise deep tissue remodeling technology. Reverse wrinkles easily with seamless, results based tightening technology.
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Unparalleled Results, Backed by Accredited Studies

No Open Wounds . No Untreated Patches. NeoGen is the go-to solution for safe & effective wrinkle, fine line, and tightening technology

Unique Plasma Technology

NeoGen converts Nitrogen to plasma resulting in rapid heating of tissue stimulating a consistant and deep physiological response

Long Term Results

Doctors and aestheticians love the NeoGen because it delivers outstanding results backed numerous IRB-controlled studies

Treats Entire Skin Architecture

Entire surface is regenerated with neocollagenesis and neoelastogenesis proved by clinical studies to tighten skin upwards of 22% on average

Eye Lids Treatment

Your NeoGen is an excellent treatment for the lower and upper eyelid as well as surrounding tissue. No other technology compares to NeoGen for eyelid related procedures.

Extensive Scientific Testing

16 Separate Supporting Studies

• 3+ years of clinical testing • Over 450 clinical study treatments –No resulting scarring or Hypopigmentation • 1 year clinical follow up history

Superb Results

Powerful plasma technology

NeoGen stimulates new collagen growth by using plasma to produce intense fibroblastic activity supporting long lasting, continuous regeneration. The NeoGen supports high and low plasma state for your patients needs

How Does It Work?

NeoGen stimulates new collagen growth by using a highly energized gaseous state known as plasma to produce a consistent thermal radius which penetrates the deeper levels of the dermis.

 The plasma is emitted in millisecond pulses where the longer pulses deliver proportionally higher energy. Nitrogen molecules interact with the surface of the skin and immediately transfer energy.

That energy is then transferred to the tissue where O2 is released from the skin surface by the plasma, preventing carbonisation.






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Dr. Choo
Amazing, clients love their eyelids now.

Dr. Choo

Creative Designer
Top class results, nothing beats the NeoGen


Dr. Clark
Unparalleled technology

Dr. Clark